Please refer to the download links below, which will need to be completed if you wish to register for BT & Tan Bus Service. Please return the completed documents directly to BT & Tan, who will be your point of contact.

BT & Tan will notify you once your application has been processed and arranged. They will also be in contact with you during the term holiday to finalise the route and timings if there are any changes. Please note that due to large numbers of new enrolments coming in prior to the commencement of the new academic year, there may be several changes until new routes are finalised. Your child's comfort and safety is our primary concern and we will try to keep travel times to a minimum and pick up times as late as possible.

Note: The Registration Form cannot be processed unless the waiver and Indemnity Form has been signed.

Should you require any details, you may contact BT & Tan personnel as follows:

Operations Enquiry: Ms Evelyn Kok at 6506 0149 / 8200 2246

General Enquiry: Ms Yvonne Lim at 6483 4527

Admin/Payment Enquiry: Ms May Tan at 6483 7260

BT & Tan Transport Pte Ltd

No. 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #03-19, Singapore 569880

Tel.: 6483 7260 / 6483 4527

Fax: 6483 7261