Nexus International School (Singapore) is taking every precautionary step to ensure that our learners, families and staff are safe. We are working closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education (MOE) and our school’s regulator, the Committee for Private Education (CPE).


What daily precautions is Nexus taking to monitor the Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection

What precautions can you take at home?

What precautions are you taking with visitors to the school?

Only planned and necessary visitors are allowed in the school at this time.

Before entering the school, visitors are required to take a temperature check with our Security, register themselves on Safe Entry and use a hand sanitiser. They will also need to be accompanied by our staff and are not permitted to be in contact with the learners.

How will extra-curricular activities be affected?

Nexus will not be taking part in any external multi-school events in Term 1. This includes ACSIS sports tournaments, matches and swim meets. Instead, we will hold internal school-based sports training.

Our ECAs and CCAs will not be conducted in large groups. We will not run any offsite CCAs in Season 1.

No overseas residential trips or activities will take place for the 2020/21 Academic Year. Day trips or residential trips within Singapore may take place following comprehensive risk assessments and following the guidelines in place at the time.

For more information from the Ministry of Education, please click below.


How are we working with our caterer to prevent any contamination of the food served in school?

Our catering team continues to follow best practice in food preparation, cooking and hygiene standards as required by the Singapore Food Agency.

All products are fully traceable to individual suppliers with separate designated areas for vegetable, fish and meat preparation. Dishes are all temperature checked to ensure minimum heat levels have been obtained prior to serving.