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Compass Group (Singapore) is a market leading and fast-growing business, with over 700 employees across 50+ locations. In Singapore, the business currently operates with global brands – EUREST and CHARTWELLS, with a sterling list of clients across business and industry and education sectors.

Chartwells takes pride in enhancing school nutrition through helping students make the connection that their diet can affect how they feel, look, and perform. From tailored K-12 culinary programs and school cafeteria management to university dining services, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations. We’re great at what we do because we love food and how it brings people together to share great times.


At Chartwells, we take great pride in providing specially crafted meal plans that cater to students of all age groups. From little ones to college-goers, we’ve got you covered!

Easy Registration and Convenient Ordering

Getting started is a breeze. Simply register for a family account, and you’ll be all set to pre-order meal plans for your child. More than one child? Our user-friendly system allows you to pre-select meals for each child effortlessly.

Expertly Designed by Culinarians and Nutritionists

We understand the importance of balanced and nourishing meals for growing minds and bodies. That’s why our team of experienced culinarians and nutritionists work together to create meals that are not only delicious but also healthy. Every student can look forward to a happy and satisfying meal every single day.

Join us today and make every mealtime a delightful journey of taste and nutrition. Click here to register your family account now!


Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying cash and welcome a new era of convenience and safety.

Simple and Secure Transactions

With our cashless system in place, students can make purchases using their EZ Link cards. Whether it’s buying lunch, snacks, or school supplies, transactions are swift and secure, giving parents peace of mind.

Parent-Friendly Account Management

Managing your child’s expenses has never been easier. Parents can pre-order meals via our online ordering platform. Stay in control of spending and track purchases, all at your fingertips.

Enhanced Security and Safety

No more worries about lost or stolen cash. With our cashless system, students can focus on their studies and socializing without the concern of carrying physical money. Our school premises become even safer for everyone.


The secret to our meals is that we are simply passionate about creating delicious meals that are packed with goodness. Every Chartwells meal nourishes bodies and minds and supports development at this most critical time in students’ lives.

We are a nut-free school and we aim to attain the Halal certification for the Nexus Kitchen soon. In the meanwhile, please be assured that we use no pork and no lard (0% pork-related products in the school environment). 

We also provide cupcakes for child’s birthday celebration. They are available in red velvet, chocolate or a mix. For ordering and more details, please email